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Serena Dot Ryan is an award winning Entrepreneur, Marathon Runner and Digital Marketing Strategist.

After spending most of her adult life in debt, it wasn’t until Serena started working with Accountants and Cloud Accounting Service Providers that she saw how important it was for her to take control of her finances. She started to question those giving her financial advice. Most importantly she started to increase her personal finance education to become informed, proactive and accountable for her own financial future.

October 2018 she decided to re-write her future, get financial education and become debt free. As at May 2019 Serena has reduced her debt by $6,000 without increasing her personal budget.

By December 2019, Serena has reduced debt by $11,200 and has $3,046 left on her 3rd and final credit card. Serena's target is to have no more credit cards by June 2020.

As at April 2020, Serena has reduced her debt by $17,507.54 and no longer has credit card debt.

The Adding Up Podcast is published every Friday. Listen in to learn how Serena is learning from her mistakes and gaining her own financial education to re-write her financial future.

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Serena Dot Ryan - Its Not Like I became


The Adding Up Podcast is all about Serena Dot Ryan sharing personal finance lived experience to inspire and educate people to make the most of what they have, to create the life they want to improve their lives, positively impacting their families, their communities and the world. 
If you have a question, or have lived experience with becoming debt free and would like to share your story I'd love to hear from you.

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